These Versatile Amphibious Vehicles Are Incredible

New Zealand inventor Alan Gibbs of Gibbs Sports Amphibians has unveiled three amphibious recreational concepts.

They convert to jet skis by retracting the wheels and switching to jet propulsion in less than five seconds.

The two-wheel Biski amphibious motorcycle weighs 228kg and is powered by a 41kW, twin cylinder engine capable of 129km/h on land and 60km/h on water.

His other new amphibious craft are the Gibbs Triski which is a tilting three-wheeler driven by a 100kW twin-cylinder turbocharged engine with a top speed of 137km/h on land and 64km/h on the water and the Terraquad amphibious side-by-side ATV powered by a 104kW version of the BMW K1300 motorcycle engine.