Can Paper Cut Wood?

A video posted by John Heisz shows that while paper is considered flimsy, it’s tough as nails and can actually cut through wood – with the correct circumstances.

Heisz replaces his buzzsaw with a piece of plain printer paper with “no special treatment,” he writes on the woodworking website: “Since the paper I used was nothing out of the ordinary – just regular printer paper with no special treatment.

Add to that the time of year (it was hot and humid, making the paper fairly limp with moisture), it’s amazing that it worked at all.”

The paper saw cuts pretty smooth too, although he mentions that this experiment doesn’t have any practical uses, as a lot of the footage in the video was sped up.

“There are sections of the video where I’m cutting that are sped up as much as 16 times, so it’s not the fastest way to make a cut!” he wrote.