Sliding Walls Move to Create Various Layouts Inside Garden House

Wooden walls move along runners to reveal the inner glass shell of this gabled garden shed. The pavilion contains a bed that lifts out of the structure’s raised base and a small black wooden fireplace is set in the center of the floor.

In inclement weather, the walls can be closed to create a warm and cozy shelter with outdoor terraces on either side. As the weather gets warmer the outer shell is designed to be slid open to offer more light, leaving the inner glass shell to protect against any rain or wind.

Doors on the east and west side of the house can be opened up to allow for a breeze. In sunnier weather, this glass shell can be parted to create an outdoor living space in the center, where the bed, fireplace and furniture are open to the elements.

Think of how you can sleep under the stars, go sunbathing, have a barbecue party, or just relax and enjoy your freedom while being perfectly comfortable.