Yaskawa-kun, a Big Headed Robot That Happily Serves Ice Cream

Robots can do pretty much everything in Japan, from delivering sushi to even recommending what kind of haircut you should get. So then it comes as no surprise to see that that robots are taking over yet another industry: the ice-cream stand.

Yaskawa-kun, a cute big headed robot that happily serves soft serve ice cream cones via a digital touch screen at the Tokyo Summerland theme park in Japan. Sure, the whole setup is basically just a glorified vending machine, but man, that is one really glorified vending machine!

It looks like a lot of effort was put into making it feel like you’re being served by a person, or at least a machine with feelings. The way the robot’s arm moves to get the ice cream swirl in just the right shape, the way he hands it through the door…although we do have to admit, the way he slides the door shut at the end while staring at you is a tad creepy.