This Homemade Heater Will Keep You Warm This Winter For Only a Few Cents!

With winter still in full force, many of us are really feeling comfy in our home with heaters. These are not really expensive and we really need heaters for our necessities but a Youtube user decided to make a spin on it.

The twist? It is way more inexpensive and only costs you a few cents per hour! All you need are some strings, pieces of wood, metal stand and coils, pots and candles.

While pots are really effective in channeling heat, it can damage the furniture in which it sits. That is why this heater made these things hang on a stand so as to avoid it.

A user can also place candles with varying sizes. Aesthetically, it also looks good so it can be left as a display.

It might take an hour before you can notice the change in temperature but you will feel immediately the difference if you sit beside this heater.

Regardless whether you use pots with or without holes, this DIY heater is a cheap but elegantly looking alternative this winter!