Robot Walks At Graduation In Place Of Hospitalized Student

Cynthia Pettway, a student in Alabama, had to be checked into the hospital a week before her graduation, where doctors told her she’d be unable to leave for weeks. It seemed like the senior would miss her graduation.

But her public school district in Mobile and the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital nearby partnered together so that she could still be at the ceremony by bringing out a robot that would give the senior the experience of walking the stage.

Video of the graduation for LeFlore High School, shows the skinny robot dressed in a cap and gown, an iPad with Pettway on its screen placed at its head, wheeling across the stage after school officials call her name. The crowd cheers and claps loudly.

Pettway was driving the robot and watching along with about 40 of her family members at the hospital, according to Mobile County Public Schools, an experience Pettway said moved her to tears.