Guy Sings Every Voice In “Belle” From “Beauty And The Beast” Live In One Go To Amazed Diner

Brian Esposito knows his Disney better than you and isn’t afraid to show it.

Many people would probably claim to know all the words to their favourite Disney movie/song, but not many would be able to tackle ‘Belle’, the big opening number from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that features all the townspeople talking over one another while gossiping about Belle, and do it all by themselves. Not many, except for one Brian Esposito.

Esposito, a self-described singer, actor and waiter in New York’s Stardust Diner, shared his rendition of the song this week and even if you don’t like Disney songs, you have to be impressed by him A. Keeping time B. Knowing all the words, and C. Not tripping over anything once.