Anorexia Survivor Turns Into Bodybuilder

An anorexia survivor whose weight plummeted to five stone as she ate just 100 calories a day has revealed how bodybuilding ‘saved her life’.

Ceri Thompson spent months eating just half a tin of tuna and lettuce a day and would even steal laxatives from relatives in a bid to keep her weight down.

The 24-year-old, who was bullied at school for being ‘chunky’, became obsessed with diet and exercise as a teen and her eating disorder spiralled out of control following an unhappy relationship.

But Ceri, who became so ill that her distraught grandfather even accused her of being a drug addict, decided to fight back against anorexia in September 2013 and took up boxing.

Feeling the benefits of being back in the gym, Ceri decided to take up bodybuilding in March 2016 – and credits lifting weights with helping her maintain a healthy lifestyle.