Mum Who Has Miscarriage Spots “Ghost Baby” In Crib

This mum-of-two is convinced the ghost of her miscarried child is haunting her home, after capturing footage of a ‘ghostly face’ on her crib cam, following a number of creepy occurrences.

Mum Melissa Smith insists she’s always been a paranormal skeptic, but that all changed in September 2016, when a tragic miscarriage prompted a number of spooky happenings to occur at home, in Toronto, Ontario.

The same night she tragically lost her child, Melissa claims a child’s toy randomly turned itself on in the middle of the living room and began playing music – and things continued to get stranger from there.

From closet doors slamming to strange knocks on their her bedroom door, Melissa and her family have been continuously spooked by a number of freaky encounters they’ve struggled to explain with logic.