Walmart Shopper Gets Fed Up With Waiting For Help And Hilariously Grabs The Intercom To Demand It

We can all relate to this Kentucky man’s annoyance with having to wait a little too long for help at the store.

Forrest Hunter, of Lawrenceburg, stopped by his area Walmart to pick up a hunting license but there was no employee in the sporting goods section to help him.

Hunter waited around for a bit, but took things into his own hands when a Walmart worker still hadn’t shown up after a few minutes.

In a video, the man is hilariously seen grabbing a store phone, dialing the intercom and asking for assistance over the loud speaker. ‘Customer needs assistance in sporting goods please,’ he said politely. ‘I’m the customer.’

Hunter told WKRN that an employee came a few moments after he hung up the phone.

‘A guy walked up and asked if I needed any help. I said, “How’d you know?” Then I bought my hunting license,’ he said.