Cow Asks Man To Rescue Her Newborn Calf

Animals have a capacity for emotion and the intelligence to communicate with us — this video proves it. Dave was passing by a farm near Millbrook, Ontario when he decided to pull over and film the cows grazing. He noticed one female was particularly agitated, stomping her hoof and waving her head.

At first, he wasn’t sure why until he got close enough to see a newborn calf on his side of the fence. At that moment he knew mama cow was asking for help.

He thought that pushing the calf under the fence is the ultimate way to give freedom to the baby. Using a stick, he propped part of the fence up so that he could push the calf back to mom’s side. But every time he touched the newborn calf, mom grew increasingly frustrated.

You can even see her tempted to attack Dave. Dave was gentle and eventually reunited the young calf with its mother, although he and the calf did get a few electric shocks during the process.