Florida Man Calmly Shoots Out All The Tires Of AT&T Work Truck Parked In Front Of His House

This is a video of 64-year old Florida man Jorge Jove calmly shooting out all the tires of the AT&T work truck that parked in front of his home in Hialeh, blocking his driveway. He then proceeds to fire a couple bonus shots into the engine of another AT&T work truck parked further down the street.

Apparently Jove, a retired firefighter, was upset that the truck had blocked his driveway, and, according to Florida man logic, giving it four flats will help remedy that.

Jove fired at least 18 rounds (reloading several times), and currently has criminal charges pending against him from the incident.

Its impressive how calmly AT&T technician Derrick Taylor filmed the whole thing while on the phone with police. Because there is absolutely no way he gets paid enough to be shot by a old man who swears he’s switching to Verizon.