JetBlue Gets Passengers To Do Simple Thing That Congress Can’t

Just in time for election season, JetBlue has released a new ad that encourages passengers to reach across the aisle and make a unanimous decision.

In the spot, unsuspecting passengers on a flight were told that they could win free round-trip airfare to one of 20 destinations served by the airline, but only if they did something that Congress seems to think is impossible—make a unanimous decision.

The decidedly political ad—aptly named “Reach Across the Aisle”—asked passengers to work together to choose either a domestic or international destination through a simple voting process (this isn’t the first time the airline has gone educational with an ad—a previous one taught passengers how to behave at airports). Most fliers jumped at the chance to leave the country, and through a process of elimination, they worked together to choose among free trips to Jamaica, Colombia, Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, or any of the other international destinations that Jet Blue services.

The moderators gave passengers the time and the plane’s P.A. system to make their arguments for and against various destinations. By the time the six-hour flight from Boston to Phoenix landed, they had made their choice.

Watch the video to find out what these 150 random strangers chose. And perhaps someone should show it to Congress.