Can You Disarm An Attacker When Threatened With A Handgun? 2 Special Ops Veterans Test Defence Techniques

Can you disarm an attacker when threatened with a handgun? What are the odds of survival?

Two spec ops veterans test different scenarios using a Zero REX 1 FX handgun (paint bullets). More than likely, when threatened with a handgun in any of these scenarios, you won’t escape injury without a lot of practice.

If you watch the video, the main takeaways seem to be that attempting to take a loaded gun away from your attacker’s hand is not easy, and your odds of success are not as good as the Instagram senseis might have you believe.

But on the other hand, the video seems to show that, if you are absolutely positive your skull is about to go from coupe to convertible, you may have a fighting chance if your attacker is close enough to you.