Women Stand In Parking Space And Refuse To Move Because It’s Already ‘Taken’ – Despite Not Having A Car

This dashcam footage captures the moment a furious row erupted in a car park when a woman ran to save a space for her family as a couple tried to park in the same spot.

In the clip the woman is seen standing defiantly in the space and waving her arms, mouthing: “I was here first” as the female passenger in the car screams: “Are you serious? You’re not even in a car.”

A few seconds later another, older woman walks into the dash cam frame and starts shooing the car away, gesturing for it to move back, as the driver again toots his horn and shouts: “You think you can just walk into a space? Get out of here.”

The standoff finally only comes to an end when another driver offers the couple a different space.