Skier Finds Lost iPhone on Slopes With Metal Detector (and It Works!)

Chris Wong was skiing a difficult run at Stratton Ski Resort in Vermont when a mogul sent him flipping into the snow. Unfortunately, he failed to zip up one of his pockets on his jacket—the one with his iPhone in it. Naturally, the iPhone flew out of the open pocket and into the snow.

He searched and searched by hand. The next day he returned again, and searched some more. Facing the prospect of having to buy a new iPhone, Wong instead started searching Amazon for a cheap metal detector. He bought one and headed back to Stratton Ski Resort the following weekend.

“Everyone was telling me I was crazy, so I made sure everything was on GoPro,” Wong wrote on his YouTube post.

A friend gave him 100-to-1 odds of finding the iPhone. Well, Wong found the iPhone and got it all on video.