Mum Spends Over £1,000 On Xmas Presents For Dog, Admits She Loves Pup More Than Her Six-Year-Old Son

It’s a dog’s life for this pampered Cockapoo, who will be treated to 68 festive presents worth over £1,000 come Christmas morning courtesy of his loyal human.

Helen Mueller loves her Very Good Girl, Lola, so much she goes to some pretty extreme lengths to keep her pooch on side. The mum-of-one even admits she spends more on Lola each year than her own six-year-old son, Harry, because she loves Lola more.

On Christmas day, Lola will unwrap her gifts, which include premium toys and clothes – and a special doggie Christmas roast.

Lola’s gifts include, but are not excluded to Keratine leave in conditioner for a tenner, pet shampoos costing £37, paw pearls – whatever they are – for £17, five totally unnecessary doggy colognes totalling £45, and a cockapoo calendar which Lola herself features in for another tenner.

Lola will receive a paw patrol teddy for £4 and a Paw patrol plate for ten big ones, rabbit pyjamas for £12, three connectable treat holders, costing a total of £42, a pink princess bowl for £7.

She will also get a pink soft blanket for £22, personalised red Christmas named blanket for £27, a yellow duck striped plate for £15 – because a dog can never have too many plates and a £4 hedgehog toy.
Keratine oil for her fur at £19, Lola’s yellow coat to match mummy Helena at £42, little backpack harness at £40, pink hippo striped treat holder at £6, striped name toys at £10, main present dehydrator for a whopping £147.

There’s a Goldilocks doll at £17, pink heart bowl at £15, pink heart lead at £18, pink heart collar at £11, teething ring dog toy at £12, pink dummy toy at £7, box of her favourite fish skin treats for a huge £47, and a dog crinkle teddy toy for £7.

For stocking fillers, she gets dinosaur dental bites at £9, caramel Yappachino biscuits at £11, giraffe striped chew toy at £8, Joules dog shaped bag at £28, Brian the Cockapoo story book for £14, pink and purple Korny toy for £7, pink clothes hangers for Lola’s outfits at £10, a Christmas cracker for a meagre £2, a poo emoji string bag for £9.99, and a treat pamper brush, also £9.