Goanna Invades Family Picnic And Eats Their Entire Lunch

Hilarious footage taken at Sydney’s Palm Beach shows the moment a determined goanna zones in on a family picnic, eats everything and sends one woman flying.

The video shows beachgoers standing around their picnic spot helplessly while the large lizard chomps away on everything from cheese to a bread stick.

At one point a woman tries to retrieve some olives from the picnic setting, before the goanna launches towards the woman and causes her to fall over.

The creature also manages to get hold of some plastic, which the beachgoers unsuccessfully attempt to pull away from the animal, before it scrambles up a tree.

“He can’t have that plastic bag, he can’t … he will kill himself,” one woman said in the footage.

The video ends with the group trying to locate a ranger to help out the animal.