Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster Suit Shoots Fire And Can Lift A Man

Colin Furze built a ten-foot, hydraulic Hulkbuster suit entirely from parts he purchased on eBay. And not only is it strong enough to hold a full-grown man on its own (guess which lunatic volunteered for that), it has a power fist punch and shoots fire from its giant hand.

Using three hydraulics to operate it–two in the legs, one in the back–this suit might as well have been delivered from space by “Veronica” herself. But even if it wasn’t remote operated, could fit someone inside, and have the ability to win the world’s greatest Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em match ever, it would just be an incredible statue.

His neighbors either think he’s the greatest person in the world to live next to, or they hate everything about him. But either way we bet they’ll be very happy to have him nearby if the Incredible Hulk ever snaps and attacks their neighborhood.