Ferrari Crushed After Police Seize Uninsured Supercar

This footage shows the moment a £200,000 Ferrari 458 Spider was crushed in a scrapyard after it was confiscated from its owner by police in Birmingham, who deemed it “unroadworthy”.

Zahid Khan famously once parked the 458 Spider on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in. Weeks later it was seized by West Midlands police who suspected it was stolen.

They then revealed they destroyed it because it had no valid insurance and was judged to be a Category B vehicle – which means it suffered serious damage in the past – making it unroadworthy.

The 31-year-old insisted he was the rightful owner and sourced all the parts used in the car from official sources. He says he is now planning on taking legal action after obtaining footage from the police.