Bus Driver Traps An Angry Biker Inside The Double Decker

A road rage incident escalated into carnage when a London bus driver trapped a fuming biker inside his double decker.

The motorcyclist boarded the bus after he claimed the driver had endangered his life by almost pulling out in front of him.

In the video he can be heard shouting: “It’s raining. You have no right to pull out like that.”

But after a brief exchange of words the driver closes the bus’ doors, trapping the biker inside.

“What are you doing? Why are you trying to entrap me?” The biker shouts as the driver starts to drive off.

When the driver doesn’t respond, the situation spirals into a full on confrontation.
Eventually a passenger steps in and tries to reason with the driver to left the raging man off.

When the doors finally open, the biker remains in a state of anger as he runs behind the bus, opens the rear bonnet and even attempts to hurl a bin at it.