Australia Is Getting Burritos Delivered By Google Drones And We’re Extremely Jealous

Forget about Japan, China or the USA being at the forefront of technological advancement: the mark of a truly advanced civilisation is one that can deliver burritos by drone.

The Aussies are at the forefront of that particular movement, as Google are trialling a collaboration with Mexican restaurant chain Guzman y Gomez to literally fly takeaways to their customers.

No more waiting impatiently for your Deliveroo or pizza guy to make his way through traffic; Google’s Project Wing drones (which can fly at 120km an hour) will transport food to hungry patrons in rural southeastern Australia, near the capital city Canberra, where locals “face a 40-minute round trip in the car for almost anything, whether it’s a carton of milk, veggies for dinner, or a cup of coffee,” according to James Ryan Burgess of Project Wing.

Looks like their wait for tasty Mexican food is coming to an end, at least.

Although Project Wing previously trialled a similar service with US chain Chipotle at Virgina Tech University last year, that was in an ‘open field’ and not to specific addresses, like the Aussie trial.

See how it works below: