Crafty Dad Transforms His Kid’s Bedroom On a Budget

By day, Adam works as a web developer in Vermont. By night, he father of two young girls is passionate about building things and getting creative with his hands.

In the video below, watch this doting dad transform the girls’ bedroom into a whimsical indoor treehouse on a budget. He made sure to document the entire process with an epic time lapse as its being built. The DIY project features a net hammock for climbing and relaxing, built-in drawers for storage, and a cozy nook for floor access. Believe it or not, the whole thing was completed over a two-to-three day period!

At the end, Adam brings his kids into their new room and tells them to open their eyes. Of course, the stunning makeover is met with screams and cries of joy. “We should show this to the President!” one of the girls exclaims. But my favorite line of all? “Daddy, I really want to buy this house… for my kids.” LOL!