Angry Driver Tries To Cut Traffic On The Wrong Side Of Road

An van driver can be seen telling the car trying to skip the lengthy queue of traffic to reverse after he was caught on the wrong side of the road.

Not wanting to budge, the driver trying to skip the queue can be seen gesturing towards the van driver, urging him to move back to he can jump in front.

However the van driver is determined not to let the queue-jumper in front of him as he records from his vehicle.

The van driver can be heard saying: ‘No, go back, I’ve got you on camera. Next time respect the law.’

The car driver can be seen getting more frustrated as he urges the van driver to move over to let him through.

Eventually the angry motorist jumps out of his car and walks up to the van driver’s window, demanding that he jumps out of the car.

The angry motorist is eventually calmed down by a female passenger who emerges from his back seat and encourages him to get back behind the wheel.

Eventually he calms down and gets behind the wheel – and is forced to drive the correct way down the road.

The van driver is then heard saying: ‘Next time he should respect the law’ as he appears to be congratulated by a pedestrian or fellow motorist.