Video Shows The Moment A DIY Beauty Fan Gets A £5 Piercing Gun She Bought On Ebay Stuck In Her Nose

Natalie Fletcher, 22, from Abergele in North Wales, snapped up the £5.69 kit on eBay and asked her sister to help her put a stud in her nostril. However, the footage shows Fletcher looking increasingly distressed – and turning the air blue – after the metal gun gets lodged in her nose shortly after it’s fired.

Feeling the pain, she asks her sister to release the gun from her nose…but it’s going nowhere.

Taking control of the gun, Natalie attempts to pull it upwards but has no joy and the video clip ends with the metal equipment still attached.

Sister Sarah explains how the piercing went so wrong saying her sister ‘bought it to pierce her ears, which I did first, then she said, ‘F*** it, you can do my nose’.

‘We thought we would have to go to A&E at one point but eventually I had to pull it out and her nose was bleeding and very sore – another great eBay buy.