Zoo Keeper Breaks Up A Fight In His Lion Pride Using Just His Slipper

A zoo keeper has been caught on camera disciplining a dominant lion with a slipper after it started bullying a young lioness. Oleg Zubkov, director of Taygan safari park in Crimea, Ukraine, walked into the pride of lions and threw the slipper at the lion who was leading others in the harassment of a younger lioness.

The adult lion runs off in fear after being threatened with the slipper. The video filmed by onlooker showed zoo director Oleg in the enclosure with what appear to be zoo visitors in a completely open vehicle with no sides. He notices that a young lioness is being harassed by the dominant male and older lionesses.

Mr Zubkov can be seen getting out of his car and heading to the group as the pack growl and threaten the young female. But the hostility ends instantly as he waves his slipper at them and then throws it at the leader of the pack. After that the zoo director then throws the slipper at a female lion.