Youtuber Breaks Down Exactly Why He Think Ink Cartridges Are A Scam

It’s a well known fact that printers are probably the most annoying piece of technology in the world. No one likes them. They’re confusing, they go wrong all the time, and despite the fact everything else is becoming more user friendly — phones; cars; computers — printers seem to be woefully anchored in the past.

Well, YouTuber Gregory Austin McConnell is angry about this too. Very angry.
McConnell published a video titled “Ink Cartridges Are A Scam,” where he breaks down the reasons why Inkjet printer companies are taking advantage of consumers.

“At the bottom of my screen I catch a glimpse of replacement ink cartridges and my jaw drops,” McConnell says. “We were selling packages of standard capacity multi-color ink cartridges for $59.95. And the cost of manufacturing? $0.23.” Yikes.

He thoroughly explains how printer companies do a fantastic job at getting consumers to shell out more and more money, and it’s pretty eye opening.