World’s Most Stylish Pooch Has £1,000 Regime

The owner of the world’s most stylish dog spends £1,000 and 35 hours a month on the pampered pooch’s beauty regime.

With flowing locks a model would be proud of, Kevin Chan’s glamourous three-year-old Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle turns heads wherever he goes.

Marketing director Kevin, who lives in Beijing, China, has spent 100,000 Chinese Yuan (£11,600) to date on grooming equipment and coughs up 10,000 CNY (£1,200) a month on bathing products to keep his pup’s pristine floor-length mane perfectly preened.

The Hong Kong-born 29-year-old spends six to eight hours a week brushing the hairy hound and claims Battle is the most beautiful animal on the globe.