Worlds First Corgi Café In Japan

Feline lovers across the globe have reveled in the surge of trendy ‘Cat Cafes’ that have popped up in recent years – but what if you’re just more of a dog person?

A quaint village in Japan has abandoned the run-of-the-mill Cat Café theme with its creation of the world’s first ever CORGI CAFÉ that is dedicated to the regal breed and is truly fit for a queen.

Delighted tourists Vicki Ko, 21, and her boyfriend Justin Lim, 28, from Auckland, New Zealand, made a special trip to the adorable establishment while holidaying in Japan earlier this month [JUNE 6].

Overlooking the sea, the unique ‘Dog Hill Corgi Café’, which opened in 2010, is based in the rural town of Higashisonogi, a one-hour drive from Nagasaki City, and is home to over twenty playful Welsh corgis.