This Woman’s Rant About People Coming Into Her Work To Catch Pokemon Is Fricking Priceless

Not everyone is enamored with the Pokemon craze though. For instance, the woman in the video, Kristen Tuff Scott who is tired of people coming into her work looking for them.

“Everyone is playing the Pokemon game. And they keep coming into my work to catch the Pokemons, okay?” she begins. “So I thought, because I don’t understand how it works, if I downloaded the game, I could catch all the Pokemons at my work, and people would quit coming to catch ’em.”

Sorry, Kristen, but that’s not a solution to your problem, as she soon found out.

“So now I have a bunch of Pokemons, and there’s still people coming in to get the Pokemons,” she complains.

And now she says that she feels like a nerd because when people come in because she’s telling them things like “Zubat’s over there and Squirtle’s in lawn and garden, but lawn and garden’s not my area so I can’t go get him.”

“Now I feel stupid, but I want to catch ’em!” she hollers.

She continues, “This not where I saw myself at 27-years-old.”