Woman’s Hilarious Commentary On Road Rage Incident Goes Viral

Passing motorist Kelii Marie Williams was driving on Interstate 35 in the Austin suburb of Round Rock when she stopped in her tracks at the sight of two seemingly middle-aged men unenthusiastically scrapping on the side of the road.

Williams recorded the hilarious confrontation on her cellphone and later shared it on Facebook, inquiring in a status update: ‘whose husbands are these at 8.30am on I-35 blocking traffic?! These fools!’

Williams’ video, complete with her amusing commentary, has since gone viral, having drawn nearly a million views and more than 10,000 shares

Her recording depicts the two rebel-rousers halfheartedly trying to kick and slap one another, but only with limited success.

The roadside battle royal came to a conclusion when the combatants retreated back into their respective vehicles.