Woman’s Boyfriend Was Attacking Her With A Hammer Until Her Great Dane Saved Her Life

Seven out of every 10 women in the United States say they are unable to escape abusive relationships in part because the abuser threatens to harm the family pet. Two out of five women say they don’t leave because they worry about what will happen to their dog. That’s why this story of a heroic dog is not only special for the life he saved, but also for the lasting legacy his heroism has had in the community.

A Great Dane named Hank (earlier referred to as J. Matthew in media coverage to protect his identity) saved his owner’s life when she was violently attacked by her boyfriend. The man was beating her with a hammer and even pushed her straight through a wall. When Hank realized what was happening he leaped in front of the man to protect her.

After badly beating him, the man threw Hank from a second-story window. Hank’s injuries were severe and included a broken hip and ribs and other broken bones.

Watch the video below that features Hank’s mom (remaining anonymous) telling her story and how he and the Rose Brooks Center saved her life.