Woman Release Over 1,500 Lady Bugs In Her House At Christmas

Not much is known about the people in the video below, other than the fact that they need to get the vacuum cleaner out immediately. In the footage, a woman can be seen pouring 1,500 ladybugs onto the carpeted floor of the family home – much to the dismay of the rest of the people in the room.

The clip opens with the ladybugs having just been released and the woman shouting: “don’t you EVER kill a ladybug,” while kneeling over her beloved army of insects. Of course, the rest of the family are dumbfounded by her behaviour, with one man saying: “but are you supposed to open them and pour them all over your living room floor?”

What follows is a scene of confusion, one woman shouts for the family to get the vacuum while the mother-in-law picks the bugs up and proclaims that “they live here.”

Then, the star of the show enters. Obviously confused by the furore going on in the living room, a little dog enters the fray and decides to walk all over the ladybugs in order to show them who is boss. Of course, our ladybug-loving villain isn’t best pleased by the pup’s behaviour and immediately lifts the dog up and puts it to the side.

The family continue to bicker, with one man asking if the woman has done this before and another lady saying that they need to call an exterminator in order to get rid of the bugs. As the arguments continue, the bugs begin to filter all around the room with them crawling all over the presents and even onto a child.