Woman Marries Man As Soon As They Meet

A California woman and a New York man who became Instagram friends last year got married shortly after they met for the first time in person when he landed at California’s Ontario International Airport. Erica Harris was the blushing bride and Arte Vann was the (jet-lagged) groom.

Yes, it may sound crazy that the couple got swept in a whirlwind, internet-fueled romance, but Harris said it made perfect sense:
You don’t drag your feet with real love. You leap into that like there’s no tomorrow, and that’s what we’re doing.”

After connecting on Instagram, the couple shared videos, complete with songs and poetry and that soon added up to love. Vann bought a one-way ticket to California and they had decided they would get hitched minutes after his flight touched down.

Being the old-fashioned romantic he clearly is, Vann, who’s clearly got this whole soulmate thing figured out, did get on one knee to propose. His theory on love? “Don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t listen to your head. Follow your heart. Follow your soul.”

Harris, meanwhile, is positively giddy. She said, “For anybody that doesn’t believe in fairy tales anymore, who am I? And it can happen to you too.”

While they married at the airport, we can only assume they honeymooned at a nearby Dave & Buster’s because that seems like something these kooky lovebirds would enjoy.