Woman Is Left With ‘Billy Bob’ Smile After £5 Ebay Veneers Get Stuck

A hilarious video shows a woman struggling to remove her disastrous £5 eBay veneers. Natalie Fletcher is seen trying to prise out the “Billy Bob” teeth before resorting to slapping herself in the mouth.

The 22-year-old’s gnashers eventually snap off, leaving the mould inside her mouth.

The clip was filmed by Natalie’s 25-year-old sister, Sarah, and both women laugh hysterically throughout, watched by their highly-amuse mother.

Natalie, from Abergele, North Wales, wanted “secret veneers” to have whiter teeth but didn’t want to pay the £500 she thought it would cost.

In the clip, Natalie can be seen showing off her new teeth. Grinning, she reveals a massive overbite which looks too big for her mouth.

Another clip shows Natalie sitting down, a while later. She is now stressed because she needs to go on the school run soon.

Her mum asks her: “You’ve got to do what?”

And she immediately starts slapping the teeth with her hand aggressively. She then manages to pull the teeth out.