Woman Gives Fiancé Complete Makeover

A mother-of-one recorded the hilarious moment that she gave her fiancé a complete makeover – whilst he was ASLEEP.

Rebecca Hambridge, 22, thought it would be hilarious to test out her new eyeshadow palette on her unsuspecting sleeping fiancé, Nathan Aston.

However, after realising that he wasn’t waking up any time soon, Rebecca took the opportunity to cover the technician in foundation, highlighter, liquid eyeliner and even lipstick.

And it wasn’t until Rebecca had finished the entire look that Nathan, 25, realised and woke up seemingly pleased with his new look.

Rebecca, from Coventry, West Mids, said: “I was sat testing out my new eyeshadows on my arm, but when I looked over and saw him snoring away I thought I might as well test the make-up on him.