This Woman Filmed 100 Days Of Working Out, And The Change Isn’t Just Physical

The video starts out very emotional. “I always thought of myself as someone who is unattractive and is not fit to be married or have kids,” she says.

She explains the pain of watching her friends go places in life while she feels “kind of stuck.” But Lakeisha doesn’t wallow in her pain for long!

She sets out to change her life, and proves that good things come to those who work for it!

Lakeisha pursues her 100-day goal no matter what! “It’s pouring cats and dogs and I think some beetles outside” says Lakeisha at one point, “but I’m going to go to the gym. And I’m going to work my butt off!”

Did all of Lakeisha’s work pay off in the end? She loses weight and drops in size, but – far more important than that – Lakeisha says that she has found love in herself.