Woman Drives Into Path Of Furious Marathon Runners

Bizarre footage has emerged of a very angry woman driving through a half marathon course in Plymouth. The woman appeared to have had enough of all the road closures during the marathon and decided to take the matter into her own hands.

Once she was on the race course, it’s fair to say that some of the runners were a little bit cross about the fact that someone had driven onto the route.

One man is seen trying to get into the passenger seat to stop the woman from driving any further, but is unable to get in as she continues along the road. Other runners can be seen shouting and swerving out of the way, as one yells: “Are you stupid?” as others shout for her to stop.

But the woman replies, saying “I’m going very slowly.” And continues to argue that she is not doing any harm as she is driving really slow.

There were not believed to be any casualties from the disruption to the race, which takes place annually in Plymouth and causes road closures across the city.