This Woman Created a She Shed And It May Leave You Envious Too!

Sandra Foster kind of wanted a home that is lifted from a fashion magazine. However, her husband is a plain person who prioritizes simplicity over beauty. That did not hurt their marriage but Sandra long dreamed a house she can decorate on her own.

Then Sandra found a cabin in the property they bought. Armed with basic carpentry tools, she did the work all by herself. She bought all the furnishings in Craiglist and in nearby hardware stores.

She was absolutely ecstatic the moment she finished her shed. It is only 120 square meters but looks chic enough for women like her who wants to soul search from time to time. In addition, she claimed that her secret place even strengthened their marriage.

Well, it is not the first time these so called “she sheds” surface in the internet. It is a form of escape from the daily pressures of life and a source of inspiration for women’s artistic endeavor. Watch the video below and see the insides of Sandra’s very cute she shed!