Woman Claiming Pet Allergy Dragged Off Southwest Flight

Another video of a passenger getting dragged off an airplane is going viral. The footage shows two police officers forcibly removing a woman from a Southwest plane Tuesday evening as she frantically asked, “What are you doing?”

The passenger claimed she was “deathly allergic” to dogs after two boarded the flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles.

However, airline officials say the woman did not have a proper medical documentation to stay on the plane after asking the airline to remove the service animal and pet dog.

Dumas said the woman then asked for an injection to alleviate her symptoms. He said a pilot told her an injection could be administered if she exited the plane.

The flight crew also made “repeated attempts” to explain the situation to her, the spokesperson added. She still refused to deplane.

‘Don’t touch me’. That’s when the situation got tense, and cameras started rolling.