Whoever Owns This Ferrari Is Having A Very Bad Day

An embarrassed Ferrari driver needed to be towed out of a flooded road – after the swish £700,000 supercar got stuck in the water.

The red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta can do 0 to 62mph in a staggeringly quick 3.1 seconds and reaches 211 mph at maximum revs in top gear. The sports car has a front V12 6.3 litre engine and offers drivers 741 horsepower.

However, the sleek supercar, worth a whopping £697,000, came to a halt in the water after the driver apparently misjudged how close to the ground it was.

The flash vehicle had to be towed out of a flooded patch of the road in Cordoba, a northern central province of Argentina, after getting stuck. Some other cars had apparently managed to pass through the water, but the Ferrari driver wasn’t as fortunate.