White Woman Claims To Be Black After Getting Injections To Change Skin Color!

Martina Big like a lot of people nowadays wanted to get plastic surgery to enhance her looks. She wanted to look like Pamela Anderson.Well after 10 years of plastic surgery she says that she “achieved” her Anderson look. More like she missed it by a very long shot!

In an interview on Maury, she explained, “In 2012 I got very stretchy breast implants. Also, I got a nose job and liposuction. I’m making myself into a real-life Barbie.” However, she decided that she’d go a step further because the Pamela Anderson look wasn’t doing it for her. Her next step was to become a Black woman.

Using chemical injections, three that were injected in her stomach and body modifications over several months, she became a Black woman. Kind of.

On the show, Maury asked if Martina thought of herself as a Black person and she happily answered, “Yah!” Now the audience was definitely not pleased by her response.