What Your Cat Is Trying To Say

There is a running old joke that if you give food to a dog, he will think of you as a god. Do the same with a cat and he will think that he is a god. Indeed, cats are really hard to understand.

In its defense, it is trying its best to speak with you. Every meow and purr of this cute being means something. This video will try its best to explain their gestures and sounds.

Who would have thought a cat’s meow could also mean disapproval? It is actually surprising to know that cats do not really say meow to each other, isn’t it? The same can also be said with purring. We already know that your pet is likely enjoying your cuddling when it purrs but it has medicinal values too!

Well, at least we confirmed a fact that cats are really snotty and pompous creatures because the way they rub themselves to us mean THAT. Nonetheless, we are now certain that these pets are loyal too, huh?