What Type Of Wedding Is This? New Zealand Couple Has Quite The Interesting Marriage Ceremony!

The scene is set in the backyard of a home, with bride and groom Ange and Cody sitting on a bench up against a concrete wall enjoying a cold one.

Mistakenly you might thing the ceremony was over, until you realise Cody, who is decked out in a ‘Black Power’ T-shirt and shorts, is in the middle of his vows during the not-so traditional wedding.

“Yoza,” he replies to the celebrant instead of “I will”, while Ange opts for a raised fist instead of verbalising her answer.

“You can hold her hand while we’re doing this if you like,” the celebrant said to Cody, who gives up after an attempt as Ange is holding a one-litre bottle of Export Gold in her hand.

At one point the person behind the camera is distracted by a child walking through the middle of proceedings with an ice pop, revealing the after-match drinks cooling in a paddling pool.

Near the end of the video the celebrant accidently refers to the groom as “Cory”, which Ange replies: “You’re going to cause a domestic again.”

“I’ve already started one at the beginning, but we won’t go there” the celebrant quips as the video comes to an end.