Watch These Two Grannies Run Errands In a Lamborghini For a Day

Any production that opens with the sentence, “Granny’s got the Lambo today, granny’s got the Lambo” is bound to be a good one. Thankfully, this video lived up to that standard.

Before heading out to run their daily errands, these two grannies, Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden, got the keys to a Lamborghini Murcielago—almost running into a garage before the trip even began because they couldn’t find the backup camera (or the reverse). But that mishap didn’t deter them, since they soon found out that the car “purrs like a kitten.”

Like most grandmas we know, these ladies are pretty entertaining. The video follows their trip from home to the grocery store, between which they manage to wave and honk at everyone who passes by while begging for their picture to be taken. A man even asks for a ride in the store parking lot, to which these two respond with, “If there’s no room for the groceries, there’s no room for you.”

Other than the relatable nature and hilarity of the video, perhaps the best part is when Linden describes the trip in a way deserving of its own T-shirt: “We could tear rubber, but that car ahead of us is just going too damn slow.”