Watch Gal Gadot And Miley Cyrus Battle It Out In Charades On The Tonight Show

Last night on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Gal Gadot and Jimmy Fallon competed against Miley Cyrus and Tariq Trotter in a game of charades.

Gadot apparently never played charades before, which begs the question of what her family does to break the tension at Christmas. She made a good stab at miming out ‘Born to Run’ though.

Next up was Cyrus. She got Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ (so perfect for her). Then, Gadot amazingly managed to guess Fallon’s ‘IT’ without him having to mime anything. Trotter’s ‘Jurassic Park’ is also pretty succinct.

The final challenge was simultaneous miming of ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ by Cyrus and Fallon. They’re not entirely successful, but just watch and see if you think you could have done better.