Watch Gaelynn Lea Perform Songs Of Heartbreak At Her Tiny Desk Concert

NPR’s most recent Tiny Desk concert featured a fiddle player by the name of Gaelynn Lea. Ms. Lea, who suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta (commonly known as “brittle bone disease”), is a classically-trained fiddler from Duluth, Minnesota.

Her songs of heartbreak and despair resonated intimately at the Desk, which featured, perhaps, its largest crowd to date.

Ms. Lea’s approach to music is humble, and when you watch her perform on the NPR segment, you may notice her attitudes toward her playing and how she writes are similar.

Performing, for the violinist, is about deft precision since one of her tools is a loop fx pedal. Loop pedals rely solely on timing, so a lack of confident playing can work against your rhythm and timing, of which also need to be precise.

But let the music do the talking. Check out Ms. Gaelynn Lea in her Tiny Desk debut below.