Watch A Virtual Tornado Demolish The Weather Channel Studio

In case you missed it, Jim Cantore went live in the middle of a storm that hit The Weather Channel. Check out weather as you’ve never seen it before throughout the day.

Ostensibly created to “educate and inform” viewers by placing them “inside of a storm environment,” the video is stunning both because it appears so close to real, and because it so easily walks over the line that historically separated news from entertainment.

Cantore dodges, yells, and grimaces as debris appears to fly into the studio, but continues to explain how tornadoes create risks for nearby people and properties. Apart from blending real and seemingly-real CGI objects, the video uses traditional augmented reality-style pop-up graphics that float in the air while tracking with camera motions.

The Weather Channel’s virtual tornado simulation is part of its partnership with The Future Group and powered by Frontier and Unreal Engine.