A Video Of Woman Doing CrossFit Just Went Viral Because She Was Born Without Limbs.

You’re probably familiar with CrossFit, the intense circuit workout that you either already do or look at and say, “LOL, I’m never exercising that hard.”

This week, a video went viral of a woman, Lindsay Hilton, kicking butt at a CrossFit box in Halifax—but Hilton has no arms and legs.

Hilton didn’t set out to make an inspiring video. A few weeks ago, she asked someone at her gym to film her workout so she could check her form.

Reportedly, she knew that the gym might post the video online—but she was shocked when it was posted on the primary CrossFit Facebook page, garnering over 60,000 shares.

Hilton, who also plays rugby (and has been honored for her achievements in that sport), noted that she didn’t exactly feel inspiring in the CrossFit video. It was, after all, made to check her form, and she said in an interview that her form’s “not awesome.”

But she also hopes if people see the video, they’ll think, “’I can do that as well,’ and then the message gets passed on.”