Video: Wayaland: The Incredible Floating Pyramid City Of The Future

An Italian design firm is attempting to crowdfund a floating city made up of solar-powered pyramids.

Each pyramid will be made up from modules chosen by the homeowner – who will likely have to fork over £350,000 for the privilege of living in this aquatic utopia.

The proposed city will be called “Wayaland” and will be built over a yet-to-be-determined area of water – with residents expected to move in sometime around 2022.

Lazzarini Design Studio, based in Rome, is looking for eager backers to contribute the first £350,000 which will be used to build the first “Waya module” pyramid as a proof of concept.

Once the first module is completed, the design studio says it will rent it out for £1,000 a night.

Eventually, homeowners will be able to create their own versions of the pyramids with different modules stacked on a floating base.

“The modular Waya pyramid can offer ‘different living and entertainment settings’, such as hotel, shops, spa, gym, bars, greenhouse for produce or cinema,” said Lazzarini Design.

Naturally, the pyramids would have entrance areas for boats to moor up in.

“By subdividing its height over ten different floors, with a total surface of 6,500sq.m. (69,965sq.ft.), the complete Waya reaches a maximum height of 30m (98.5ft) from the waterline,” said Lazzarini Design.

Each pyramid would be powered by solar panels, making them clean and efficient. Although it will require their eventual location to be somewhere nice and sunny.

Underwater storage compartments will be used to house generators and motors, whilst the pyramids themselves will be built out of fibreglass, carbon and steel.